Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Textilicious". Thea Bjerg

Another incredible textile designer/artist from Denmark who specializes in thermoplastic and laser-cut techniques.

Thea Bjerg is regarded as one of the most original textile designers in Denmark. She often merges craft techniques with industrial processes, and experiments with ultrasonic cutting and welding, laser cut and industrial pleating which have led to crepe-treated silks, spiraling scarves, heated-fused fabrics and pleated wraps. Bergs fabrics have a unique translucence. The base fabrics she chooses for her pleated textiles are often diaphanous and the tiny folds in the material’s surface both capture light and diffract it to create a striking texture.image1
“Textiles can cover us and shroud us but they can also attract the gaze of others. This is something that I find compelling about sea life that many of the colours and textures that draw me to them enable them to hide from other creatures” (Thea Bjerg about her Aquatic collection).

It is again a sign of chameleonism, isn’t it?

Quinn B. 2009, Textile designers at the cutting edge, Laurence King Publishing, London, p.154-163

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