Thursday, April 22, 2010

“Mentors”. Anne Maj Nafar

Owing to fact that my future collection is going to be textile orientated and heavily based on such textile technique as felting, precisely nuno-felting I chose as one of my mentors textile designer/artist who specializes in that method of the fabric creation.

Anne Maj Nafar is a part of a new generation of designers rebelling against mass-production and uniformity. In contrast to impersonal uniformity of modern technology, her work combines the raw and untouched wuth luxurious silk fabrics in a statement of the unification of “original basics and modern refinement”. Nafar integrates hand-felted fabrics with natural materials such as animal fur, organza, pongee and Klotzel linen and cotton. She uses the nuno-felting technique – consisting of wool fibersfelted together with a woven material, such as cotton, silk or linen – as well as merino and knitted wool. Transcending the innate human impulse to control, Nafar enables her fabrics to “grow” and develop with a will of their own, encouraging natural “imperfections” and patterns.”

Anne Maj Nafar was born in 1965 in Denmark. She first studied textiles at the Hellerup Textile College in Copenhagen in 1991, then received a Diploma in Technology in Knitwear from the Stoll Company Course Center in Reutlingen, Germany in 1992 while studied Industrial Design at TEKO till 1996 and, finally, done MA in Fashion Design Technology at London College of Fashion in 2006. Since 2001 she has been a lecturer and Fashion Design Technologist at the International Academy of South Denmark where she continues to learn and inspire.

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