Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Masks are the new Black"

Masks seem to have become the latest fascination among fashion designers, as well as the favourite accessory of stylists. Proof are the various editorials, videos and fashion shows where models appear dressed, not only with the latest clothes and shoes but also sporting the latest designs of the new so-called “fashion masks”, which add that extra wow factor not only to the outfit but to the whole “spirit” of the collection.
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Friday, May 28, 2010


Just in a mood for a change ))) So, have decided to temporary change my template.

Accessories. Making gloves.

Couple of days ago I went to the UTS library to find some patterns for gloves. Checked all the patternmaking books there - no success((( So had to turn to the ubiquitous WWW ))) There is a pattern for basic gloves:

And also some useful information step by step how to make gloves from different materials.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Accessories. Glasses.

I'm considering "masking" faces with glasses. There are some ideas wandering around...

Image 2

Image 3

Image 5
Johnson D-B, 2001, Specs Appeal, Shiffer Publishing Ltd.
Crestin-Billet, F., 2003, Collectible eyeglasses, Flammarion, Paris

Accessories. Hats.

Beautifully draped hats by Japanese milliner Kayama Mariko.

Hats, 2004, Usimaoda, Tokio (p. 36, 68, 7, 22 )

Accessories. Gloves.

I have done some search looking for inspiration for accessories I would like to design for my collection and found some cool ideas...

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4 (J. Brand, 2008, ed., Fashion & accessories, Terra, Belgium, pp.151,78)
Image 5, 6
Image 7
Image 8

Jean Paul Gaultier, A/W 1998/99 (left); Fatima Lopez A/W 2002 (right)

Forever 21 (left); Geoffrey Beene, shirt-sleeve taffeta scarf, A/W 1994 (right)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Recently have started thinking about what kind of footwear I would like to be featured in my collection. Due to the fact that it going to be "heavily" felted I considered that some traditional Russian hard felted winter footwear could be a good option. Although, as I remember from my childhood all valenki then were in boring grey shades and absolutely ugly. But, it seems there have been some improvements since))) Take a look what I've found at russkie-valenki

Designer Valenki by Slava Zaitsev

That is another web-site, italian made versions russyvalenki

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My textile experiments. Other techniques. Part 2.

Creating the "reptile skin" effect. Some experiments with knitting & smocking.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Under pressure...

Just a little trick I have learnt experimenting with felting.

It is usually suggested not to steam or heat-press felt but actually if your piece of nuno felt came out a bit thicker and not as even as you planned it can be corrected by heat-pressing it for 20-40 sec. at about 150 C.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

SheverDUSHKA's Personal Profile (2010)

"Rich ethnic background mixed with life experience reflected through created designs, absolute devotion and boundless passion and love for painstaking crafted work and bringing out the best in people is what makes SheverDUSHKA a unique and charming brand.

She believes that there are too many “merged with the crowd” people and dedicates her designs to individuals who prefer to stand out openly and proudly, who is not afraid of changes or scared of the unpredictability of life. She also is assured of that each and every one of us wears “theatrical costumes” suitable for roles one performs at particular time of one’s life no matter how “neutral” these “costumes” may look. So, SheverDUSHKA creates “costumes” for those of us who wishes to emphasize one’s uniqueness and express one’s free spirit rather then just to follow what “the majority” does or wears. According to her, the world of fashion is too preoccupied with mass-production and faceless designs intended to “please” everyone and she hopes to add at least a fraction of balance into such a misbalanced world through her exclusive textiles and designs.

Her designs display intricate work and are complicated with layers of visual meanings aiming through its complexity stimulate one’s ability to think and understand essence behind the surface. Her designs show mix between traditional textile methods and new technological techniques, the bridge between past and future. The techniques utilised by SheverDUSHKA such as hand-felting, minute beading, hand-embroidery, to name a few, make each piece a one-off, even, if there more then one item per each design reproduced. Such crafty approach makes wearer feel special, attended and loved. It also makes it more difficult for her designs to be copied, so, her customers do not risk being “mirrored”. Through her designs one becomes a queen of her own realm rather then a faceless screw of a massive institution. They give one a great chance to get sometimes lost in escapism because we all are, unfortunately, the elements of this massive institution called society.

Another distinguishing point of SheverDUSHKA, apart crafty personal approach, are her exclusive textiles which are also designed by her for each collection and strategically applied to each piece and can not be seen anywhere else. Besides that the amount of pieces reproduced per each design are strictly limited which justifies the price level and guarantees to customer one’s uniqueness being preserved.

In order to make her creativity available to a broader public SheverDUSHKA intends to participate in 3 significant fashion design completions: locally, by entering The Australian Wool Fashion Award and exposing her designs to the rest of the world by applying to International Talent Support / International Fashion Award in Italy and International Design Award in Los-Angeles. Although there can be some hidden stones for her to be able to compete with other participants such as risk of her designs looking a bit to “crafty” rather then “designer”; appearing slightly to complicated on the wave of the global love for simplicity. In case with international contests, the difficulties can raise from remoteness of Australia, in regards of the influence this country has had over her over recent 3 years and that she could loose the touch with other continents tendencies and trends. Although, on the other hand, that can be a point of difference, a sip of freshness that judges look for."

P.S.: BTW, SheverDUSHKA is not the name of my future label but is my personal brand name.

Design Competitions

There are 3 main competitions I would like to enter when my collection is ready:

1. International Fashion Design Award

International Talent Support/International Fashion Design Award is a competition for fashion design students and newly graduated fashion designers from all over the world. ITS belongs among the most important international platforms discover and support young talents. It is a network of professionals, opinion leaders, international press, students and teachers coming from all over the world to share and evaluate the highest expressions of creativity in the fields of fashion design, accessories design and photography.

2. International Design Award (Fashion Designer of the Year)
(USA, Los Angeles)

This award is awarded to a student who has demonstrated devotion to elevating the art of fashion design. He/she will receive publication of his/her work in the current year International Design Awards art book, to be distributed to museum bookstores nationwide; promotion in an newsletter to 100,000 design professionals and potential clients worldwide; year-long coverage on the International Design Awards website; and critical acclaim by our distinguished panel of judges. Includes such subcategories as: Haute Couture, accessories, textile & materials, Prêt-a-Porte, Avant-garde, lingerie/intimates, sportswear.

3. The Australian Wool Fashion Award

Sponsored by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) the Awards are designed to showcase the use of Merino wool by national and international fashion designers and students. The rewards include significant cash prizes, gifts of work experience with leading Australian fashion designers and Scholarships to study at recognised Fashion Institutes. Includes nominations such as: Secondary School, Tertiary, Knitwear, Woven, Ready to Wear – Women, Men’s Wear, Children's wear, Recycled wool, Wearable art, Evening, Bridal.

My textile experiments. Other techniques. Part 1.

There are some other textiles I've designed working on my collection.

My textile experiments. Nuno felting. Part 2

Some new nuno felting experiments I've done over this week.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trend Forecasting

This week we had a lecture presented by a member of the company specializing in trend forecasting - Trend Union. It’s a respectable company with over 20 years of history with HQ in Paris and branches in NY and Tokyo. There are only 20 multi-specialised people working permanently but the company is well known and does trend forecasting, branding; conduct and coordinate trade shows, presentations, exhibitions and education programs for variety of design areas (not only fashion) and lifestyle elements such as food, habits, people’s ways of traveling, etc. For instance, Woolmark, Dupon Lycra, Swarovski, L’Oreal, Bally, Phillips, Nissan, to name a few, are among their clients. Usually forecasting is done for 2 years, but sometimes prediction can be addressed for longer period.

The lecture lasted for couple of hours and there are some main points regards of future directions of the design and lifestyle development.

- Customers will by with their touches as well as with their eyes
- The border between woman and man will proceed blurring
- Fair trade will be becoming more and more important
- Branding finally will reach its humanic state
- Interior & object design will proceed occupying top sport leaving to fashion the second one
- The increase in importance of sustainable lifestyle
- Fashion will become more about “sold and used” rather then pure fantasy
- People will more and more tend to pay a bit more for products of a better quality

Regional specifics (up-to-date stage):

- Paris is not trend savvy
- The trendiest country is Japan. There is just more of everything and a better quality
- India is hard one to “break” into. They maintain their own independent approach to design as well as in lifestyle
- China is not into forecasting until it shifts from copying to creating
- Russia and Eastern European countries in regards of trends are “behind” the Western world by approximately 20 years
- Best Australian contribution to the world is (surprisingly (!)) food

That’s about it. Some food for little grey cells, isn’t it?! )))

Colour Palette

This week I spent couple of days working in dye shop – creating my colour palette. It is not finished yet, but getting there. Here it is:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh, Romance, romance...

There are some proper photos from the show:

Photos_Marie Claire_Romance was Born_Australian Fashion Week 2010


You could probably guess how reporting on Romance Was Born is related to my project?..
First of all they are my favorite Australian label. Moreover, there are my blood and sweat in that collection too because I am one of the guy's "little helpers" as I'm currently doing some work experience (or internship) for them. So, it is related, may be not directly to my future collection, but to me developing skills and progressing creatively. Still can't believe how great it all look together, when I saw (and sometimes helped) most of the pieces turned from nothing into Wow!thing! )))

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just got back from Romance Was Born (read my previous post) show within Rosemount Australia Fashion Week 2010. IT WAS INCREDIBLE, especially set up!!!
Luke and Anna chose the perfect location (MacLaurin Hall, The University of Sydney) to present their Spring/Summer 2010-2011 collection named "Renaissance Dinosaur". Unbelievable how great everything came out eventually. You can't imaging what was happening backstage... But it worthed 1,5 hour of waiting.
Congratilations L&A! You are so talanted!!!

Try to enjoy some shots from the show. Although their quality obviously is not capable to convey amazing outfits and show's mood. (Should through away my camera a get a new proper one! )))