Friday, March 30, 2012

Master class 2012

I'm happy to announce that I will be giving another master class on Nuno-felting & Shibori this year on 16/17 June 2012 near Amsterdam hosted by awesome lady Dorie van Dijk

Here the link to the event page on Facebook if anyone interested to join in for a weekend of felting, shibori and great company of like-minded and talented people in beautiful rural Netherlands :)))

Sooo excited!!!!! See you there ;))) xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Embroidery - Mission accomplished

Can't believe I've finished it! 102 hours of work - thought it would never end :-0))) Have fitting with a client tomorrow. Still have to put it all together, but the hardest part is over ;))) Hope she likes it, although...

xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Friday, March 16, 2012


Had to pause developing my collection for a couple of weeks as I'm full on working on different kind of project involving my another favorite technique - embroidery. This time I'm making and embroider the bodice of what's going be a wedding dress (Yepp, black with multicolored embellishment - is in fact a wedding dress :)) for a client of the brand I work for - Romance was Born. I'm using plastic raffia as main material for this project with addition of some traditional embroidery threads like wool, cottons and ribbons.

Have been working on it for over 30 hours so far and much more to go, but I'm getting there ;)

Will keep you posted ;) xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Sunday, March 11, 2012

First born ;)

Hey there!
Have been working on my first toile for the collection over weekend.
Pretty happy with the result :) Here it is with inspiration, textile and silhouette developments.

Nuno-felted coat 1

This is nuno-felt (silk/linen blend and merino fleece) I intend on applying to the developed silhouette.

Sleeve patternmaking

See you later ;) xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Creative brainstorming

In my previous post I outlined textures and colours of my new collection. This time it's about silhouettes.

For "Time nomad" collection (draft title, remember) I'm thinking of loose fitting and "spacey" shapes. My primary inspiration comes from historical costumes between 15-19 century. Mostly cloaks/capes and medieval dresses. I love the idea of those long uneven flying sleeves or the exaggeratedly puffy ones. And what about back of the cloak fluttering behind as the woman walks but not as light and drapy as soft silks but with some kind of queenly grace, ceremonial even? I hope this description is not too confusing ;))) Guess, images should make it easier ;)

Oh, my gosh, the draping toiles is going to be so much fun!!! Can't wait!!!
xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Monday, March 5, 2012

Moving on...

Recent sudden death of close friend of mine, Alyona, who wasn't even 40 got me thinking about how much time I waste got suck into routine while life is passing by. This lost has shaken me and, surprisingly, woken my creativity up. What a strange effect... Sooo... I got my hands full in developing the next collection.

I'm still polishing the concept, but the working title is "Time wanderer" or may be "Time nomad". This is going to be women's outwear collection were I will be further exploring combination of nuno-felting and shibori. Main colours will be brown, beige, ochre but there will fair bit of orange as I consider shades of orange to be my signature ones.

I have done some textile samples over weekend defining textures and colours of the collection. There just some of them I consider applying and gathered images I've drown my inspiration from.

Mood Board

Textile Sample 1

Textile Sample 2

(photo of the wall of the building near Eiffel Tower, Paris I took when was there last year)

Textile Sample 3-4