Monday, April 5, 2010

Moody humaeleons

Chameleon’s colour shifting is strategic and directed by lizard’s mood just the same way human beings react towards “outside intrusion”. As the matter of fact, the influence of a mood has an immense impact upon human’s behaviour and judgment. The way society members process incoming information and extend at which they tend to mimic others highly depends on a state of the mood.

Recent researches demonstrate that apparently positive mood signals that environment is safe and therefore one is more likely to rely on “existing knowledge structures, such as stereotypes” 1) and “adopt automatic behaviours” 2). While negative mood creates a feel of uncertainty and necessity “to be on guard” 3) which leads to individual being less easily influenced by other’s behaviour and mimicry tendency getting reduced.

1), 2), 3) Baaren, R. B., Fockenberg, D. A., Holland, R. W. 2006, ‘The moody chameleon: the effect of mood on non-conscious mimicry’, Social Cognition, vol. 24, no. 4, pp.426, 428, 427


  1. Do you feel more likely to wear something bold when you're in a bad mood? It's an interesting quote. Do you think it means that if people are in a negative mood and are therefore less easily influenced by others behaviour, that would make them choose a more individual outfit? I think when I feel negative, I don't want to draw attention to myself so I'd be likely to choose something that blends in...Actually, it would depend if the negativity is sadness or anger...Anger would be bolder

  2. It's a good question, Bec! )
    The findings of quotated research actually more related to behavioural mimicry (such as gestures, voice intonation, smile, etc.) rather then choice of clothing
    Although, from my personal experience, I would say that I have quite often used "bolder" (in times meaning more "provocative") clothing style to improve my mood when I feel "blue". People's reaction has always made me smile )))
    But you do have a point. I'll take it into consideration. Thanks!
    Any other opinions?