Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Textilicious". Marianne Lovink

Modern life is filled with contradictions. Beauty as a concept can be no longer defined easily.

That the vision which Canadian artist Marianne Lovink presents in her incredibly gorgeous sculptural installation “Hanging Garden” made from medical-use plastic that is “heat malleable”. The piece is “evocative”, “seductive” and “organic” and took 3 months to create. Lovink works with the plastic underwater almost at the boiling point. Her hands may remain immersed for ours at a time beneath the surface of the water as she stretches, cajoles, and teases the white plastic into its new forms. Each piece of the sculpture is hand-dyed with an aniline dye she mixes herself.

“I am interested in our perceptions of mutability and how we relate to hybrid form in light of the more disquieting aspects of the modern genetic research….by emphasizing the visceral, sensual qualities of the forms, I hope to disturb initial assumptions and engage the subconscious” comments Marianne. She wants her viewers to struggle with the dichotomy – surrealness versus recognizable forms, sensual yet viscerally repugnant, conscious/surface versus subconscious/deep recognition.

Fraser, J. L. 2005, ‘The Terrifying Beauties of Marianne Lovink’, Surface Design Journal, winter, pp. 42-45

This piece of art is not related to fashion but sooo “textilicious”!!! And thought provoking. To make people to revise, to reconsider their perceptions and embedded assumptions is exactly what my fashion/textile collection is aimed at.

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