Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hi, everyone! I’m sheverdushka.

My blog as my on-line “face” just like me will be a chameleon. It will change colours and switch moods.

This blog is a part of a Uni assessment and is something I have never done before. Keeping this blog is going to be quite challenging for me but challenge is the exciting part of it. So, hopefully you and I will get something useful from it and have some fun)))

This blog will be basically a design process diary of some sort but, first of all, the aim of my blog as well as my direction as a designer is to prompt people to think for themselves, to learn to analyse variable information and to make ones own well-considered opinion rather then one based on assumptions. So, you all are very welcome to join any discussion and to express you opinion in regards of the posted information.

The posts will include variety of written, visual and audio data I have been and will be coming across working on my dissertation and final fashion collection. It will be mainly about power of fashion and chameleonism as a common way of “social camouflage”.

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