Wednesday, April 21, 2010

“Hungry for the words”

Hi, everyone! Long time “not seeing”! Got a bit lazy…)))

Recently read a small article in MX (Thursday April 15, 2010, p.6) about blog readers being more impressed by the amount of written words and frequency of updates rather then by the context of the written.
“Susan Jamison-Powell, a PhD student at Sheffield Hallam University presented her findings at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference. She had questioned 75 participants on the blogging site, which shares posts about daily life. …”The more words a person has contributed, the more attractive they were rated by the other members of their community. The strongest factor was found to be the total number of words they had contributed over the week,” said Jamison-Powell. Being positive and interesting did not have the same effect.”

So… although, I personally have always believed that quality is much more important then quantity it seems like that rule does not apply to keeping the blog. As I promised at the beginning I’ll do my best and will start to bombard you with posts. Nevertheless, just in case if study is not that precise I’ll try to keep them interesting and informative as well. See you very soon!

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