Saturday, June 29, 2013

Galactic Gardens - collection 2013

After a very very long break SheverDUSHKA humblefully presents: GALACTIC GARDENS - trans-seasonal women's Haute Couture collection 2013 inspired by the endless mystery of Universes, magnetic power of the far-far-away stars and Rose Nebula. Welcome to the mystical out-of-this-Earth world where beauty and individuality reign and flourish! Immerse and experience ;) xoxo SheverDUSHKA Look 1 "Lady Universe"
Look 2 "Galactic Blues"
Look 3 "Blue Blood"
Look 4 "Rose Nebula"
Look 5 "Magnetism"
Look 6 "Stella"
Look 7 "Siren of The Pink Seas"
Look 8 "Violet Paradise in The Galaxy of Gold"
Look 9 "Starbust"
Look 10 "Sweet Lullaby"
Design, execution and styling - SheverDUSHKA Photography & digital retouch - XRay Doll Hair/make-up - Heather Loudon Model - Tatiana Sheverda

Monday, May 28, 2012


My new collection called “Transcendence” and the second one by “SheverDUSHKA” is finally launched. Its out there now for all of you to enjoy (if I'm lucky ;) and judge! It’s again autumn/winter women’s wear and the main item of the new range is outwear – jackets, coats, capes. The pieces, I believe, are the ones which set the whole look. Also, now, when I know my clientele better, I made some adjustments and the new collection is created with consideration for ladies of different sizes and shapes. Plus, although, each piece is OOAK, this time I will take orders to produce new versions of the items according to customers wishes but with certain changes in colour or/and textures, trims, etc. Thus, it is not identical to the original. Working on this collection I proceeded to explore textile techniques I got to experiment with developing my first collection “Human Chamaeleanus” – nuno-felting and shibori. It was love at first sight between me and those techniques :) I totally love how they allow to create unique textures and surfaces. Such poetry within!!! This time I drew inspiration from two different sources. Styles and silhouettes are inspired by historical costumes of 14-18 century, such as medieval dresses or regal robes. I believe, the HBO’s new hit “Game of Thrones” has something to do with it ;) “Winter is coming…” ;) At the same time, textures and colour palette are driven by nature – stones, caves and ground surfaces – various shades of brown, tangerine and beige. Collection is made of high quality natural materials such as merino fleece, merino and virgin wool jersey, silks, silk/linen blends and some gold sequins and genuine leather in metallic shades to give it a more contemporary touch. The name of the collection “Transcendence” came (with a help of friend of mine) as I tried to express the underlying meaning beyond material and practical value of the garments. In general, the world “transcendence” describes “the state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond usual limits"; "a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience". In application to my collection it’s about taking inspiration from historical costumes, bringing elements over into modern society and giving a wearer a chance to get a sense, a feeling, an emotional experience, which goes far beyond just materiality of the garment itself. Because, even in updated modern application each particular historical style comes with baggage of meanings attached to it and therefore creates different emotional atmosphere around as well as inside the wearer; changes the energy flow if you wish. So here it comes... Subliminal Transformation Reversable Coat_Sublimation Side
Subliminal Transformation Reversable Coat_Regal Side
Back & Forward Reversable Coat_Internal Side
Back & Forward Reversable Coat_External Side
The Hidden Within Hoody_Good Forces
The Hidden Within Hoody_Evil Queen
To Infinity and Beyond Cape
Rings of Eternity Lace Dress
Legacy & Spirits Jacket
Bells & Whistles Jacket, Scarves and Skirt
Huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped me to make it happen: Amasingly creative team of XRay Doll for their enormous work with photography, retouching and filmmaking!!! My dearest friend and very talented haidresser Heather Loudon for my hair colour, hairdo and make up that gave me the perfect look for this collection!!! And, finally, to my hubby, who puts up with me being a lousy wife while I'm busy creating :))) LOVE YOU all dearly!!! xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Transcendence" - Interview and illustrations

Holly Molly! (I think that's the right expression, lol) Wonderful news - lovely Lorena lightened up my day by posting an interview about new range with some sneak peek images from "Transcendence" collection including her beautiful illustration for one of the looks! Just 3 days before the launch ;) Not to be missed!!! ;) I've collaborated with Lorena aka BaleaRaitzART on and commissioned her to illustrate 3 looks for my upcoming women's outwear collection "Transcendence". It's been exciting experiment! Here they are: "To Infinity and Beyond"
"The Hidden Within"
"Bells and Whistles"
Aren't they beautiful?! Such ART! Love them all! Although, first two are my favorites ;) Enjoy interview and Lorena's illustrations :) "Winter is coming"... (at least to Oz, anyway :))) xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Monday, May 21, 2012

SheverDUSHKA is now on FB

Finally decided to create separate page on FB for my boutique fashion brand SheverDUSHKA. It's about time, I guess )))
You know I love ya, xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Waiting is killing me!..

Photographs and illustrations for my new coming collection are still getting done (within the schedule, I have to admit). But if I have enoughf patience to spent over 100 hours embroidering bodice for the dress, I most certainly have none when it comes to waiting! ))) So wanna see the result and share it with everyone!!! I don't think I have mentioned it before that to present this collection I have collaborated not only with highly creative team XRayDoll which develops photos but also, with very talanted illustrator Lorena aka Balea-Raitz (from Romania, currently living in New Zealand). Here is a quick sketch she did for one of the garments from the "Transcendence" collection.
Full and completed versions (illustrations and photographs) will be about a week later. Be patient :) I know I have to be :) xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New collection is finished :)

There is again a month gap between 2 posts. Well... I really do s... at regularity, don't I? ))) Anyway, last few weeks have been hectic - helping RwB with their collection for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and finishing my own collection at the same time will make you overwhelmed with work ;) Now both things are done! Yahoo!!!
Especially happy about finally finishing my new collection which was shot last Sunday :) Hurray!!! Now less then 2 weeks before it will be set free for everyone to see and react :) It's an what can be deservedly called "Haute Couture" collection as all garments are 90-100% hand made (including construction - meaning sewing!!!) as well as textiles. The collection is shaped utilising my favorite techniques - nuno-felting & shibori. Therefore, my "newly born baby" is, as planed, transeasonal womens outwear collection 2012-2013 named "Transcendence".
It's about taking inspiration from historical costume and bringing elements over into modern society, giving a wearer a chance to get a sense, a feeling, an emotional experience, which goes far beyond just materiality of the garment. An emotional experience that has traveled through the times and have been brought to give a sence of how it would be to feel like, for instance, a medieval nobel lady or a 16-17th century queen."
The shooting happend at Carrageworks in Darlington (Sydney). But final images will be digitally retouched to give them more high-end editorial look and create a better way to deliver the concept of the collection.
As always, will keep you posted, hopefully without delays ;))) xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Textiles for newcoming collection

Since I got the fleece delivered I have been felting full on :)
These two days have been intense and more to go ;)))

First "baby" is out..

...Another one is still drying...

xoxo SheverDUSHKA