Friday, June 24, 2011

My master-classes "Felt & Shibori" in Moscow

Bought yesterday NZ merino jersey in wonderful colours in preparation for my master-classes "Felt & Shibori. 3D Marvel" in Moscow this August.
Which are fully booked, btw ;) Thank you everyone!!!
Photo, although, doesn't present colours perfectly, but close to the original (apart green one - looks very dull in this photo).

And these are objects I would suggest for participants to collect and bring to the classes to do the shibori part.
Different shapes and sizes = different effects ;)))

Master-class 1 (nuno-felted shibori vest)

Master-class 2 (soft jewelry & accessories)

Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Textile experiments_Shibori & Felt_2

Done some more bits and pieces trying to find the right direction I would like my "soft jewelry" collection to develop. Not happy yet, but see some promising ideas coming out of it ;))) But I guess will have to finalise them after I come back from my trip. Being kind of busy much recently )))

xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sheverdushka comes to Russia

Such a beautiful sunny winter day here Down Under )))
Which is itself a great reason to feel good.
Besides I just received feedback saying that both of my workshops (master-classes) I'm going to conduct during my time in Russia (in August) are almost full in just one day. Wow! I'm so impressed and flattered! Thank you so much everyone! So looking forward to meet fellow felters!

Here's the link

Oh, ye, haven't I mentioned that I'm escaping Oz for 2 months in August - September and going for extensive trip to Europe & Russia. So exited!!! Haven't been home for 3 years :-0

Will keep you posted ;)))

xoxo SheverDUSHKA

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Textile experiments_Shibori & Felt

G'day, everyone!

Recently I've been doing some more experimenting with combination of nuno-felting & shibori.

Vest I made for the master-class I was offered to conduct soon (fingers crossed)

Developing mini-collection of accessories/jewelry
Halloween Story_Onion Necklace

Not sure wat to do with this piec yet... May be turn it into pillow cover )))

Organza(left sample) and dyed in indigo piece of cotton voile (right sample) are felted and then "shibored" applying "mokume" method

Piece of silk chiffon was dyed in indigo utilising block/resist dyeing technique and then felted on

Friday, June 10, 2011

My recent works _Pearly King

Pearly King Jacket_Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness, May 2011
And one more post for today.
If you noticed in the previous post I placed photo of Luke & Anna with Cate Blanchett. The fact is that their label Romance was Born has collaborated with Sydney Theatre Company (which belongs to Cate or her husband if I'm not mistaken) to create costumes for one of their coming plays
Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness
I beaded the Pearly King jacket the guy on the photo is wearing :)))

Jacket in working process

That's it for today. See you very soon!


My recent works_The Oracle S/S 2011-12

The Oracle S/S 2011-12 (Romance Was Born), Sydney, Australia, April-May

That was also a very exciting period, as it always is during preporation for the fashion week show.
These are images of garments I personally work on making. (Although, I participated in making some of the others at some stages (mostly patternmaking))

Dress primarily made for Art&Australia

It is Body & Skirt. I made and beaded the body ;)

Here I made the base for all the "feathers" to be attached.
The "feathers" are crochetted by Luck's mum :)

These outfits were beaded abroad but I made the hair skirt which gave me a headache backstage as I had to follow model and give the skirt a continious haircat )))

A-lister's at the show ;)
Anna & Luke(Romance Was Born) with Cate Blanchett

And just me backstage )))

There are photographs from the show

My recent works_Art & Australia

Art & Australia, Sydney, April 2011

Romance Was Born is well known for their collaboration with australian artists to create unique prints they utilise for their fashion collections.
In this case guys collaborated with Oz artist Nell to make several garments for photoshoot for Art&Australia magazine.
But the dress I made wasn't print based and eventelly didn't get into the issue but was presented at fashion week in May 2011 (more details and images will be in following post).
Nevertheless, I got these cool pillow covers as a "thank you" present sighed by the artist ;)))

My recent works _ Nespresso

Hi, again!

While I've been out of covering my activity for the last 6 month it doesn't mean I've been doing nothing. And although most of my recent works have nothing to do with felting or shibori but I indulged myself with beading and other sort of embellishment working on some projects with Australian duo Romance was Born. There some of them ;)

Nespresso, Sydney, Australia, (December 2010)

Anna & Luke received project to create 3 extravagant dresses for launch of Nespresso flagship shop in Sydney made predominantly from coffee pods.
I worked on 2 of them - gold/brown and pink/red/violet ones.
That was fun experimenting with unusual materials )))
There are some photos:

Anna, Luke (RwB), Marcus, me

I've been lost but now I'm found )))

Hi, everyone!

Its been a really long time since my last post here.
What can I say... I kind of neglected my blog for the last 6 months.
But it is now clear to mee that I better keep it on as there are people
out there (I mean you, my dear viewers and followers) who find my blog
interesting and informative )))

So, thank you!!! You've inspired me to keep my blog alive and engaging )))