Friday, March 16, 2012


Had to pause developing my collection for a couple of weeks as I'm full on working on different kind of project involving my another favorite technique - embroidery. This time I'm making and embroider the bodice of what's going be a wedding dress (Yepp, black with multicolored embellishment - is in fact a wedding dress :)) for a client of the brand I work for - Romance was Born. I'm using plastic raffia as main material for this project with addition of some traditional embroidery threads like wool, cottons and ribbons.

Have been working on it for over 30 hours so far and much more to go, but I'm getting there ;)

Will keep you posted ;) xoxo SheverDUSHKA


  1. Wonderful details :) Looking forward to see the finish look :)

  2. Working on it ;) Neverending story :-0 But fitting is on Tuesday next week, so the bodice has to be done. Will post more photos when it is ;)