Monday, March 5, 2012

Moving on...

Recent sudden death of close friend of mine, Alyona, who wasn't even 40 got me thinking about how much time I waste got suck into routine while life is passing by. This lost has shaken me and, surprisingly, woken my creativity up. What a strange effect... Sooo... I got my hands full in developing the next collection.

I'm still polishing the concept, but the working title is "Time wanderer" or may be "Time nomad". This is going to be women's outwear collection were I will be further exploring combination of nuno-felting and shibori. Main colours will be brown, beige, ochre but there will fair bit of orange as I consider shades of orange to be my signature ones.

I have done some textile samples over weekend defining textures and colours of the collection. There just some of them I consider applying and gathered images I've drown my inspiration from.

Mood Board

Textile Sample 1

Textile Sample 2

(photo of the wall of the building near Eiffel Tower, Paris I took when was there last year)

Textile Sample 3-4


  1. I could, although, they all are size 9-10 (40-41). We can discuss it if you are interested ;)