Sunday, May 20, 2012

Waiting is killing me!..

Photographs and illustrations for my new coming collection are still getting done (within the schedule, I have to admit). But if I have enoughf patience to spent over 100 hours embroidering bodice for the dress, I most certainly have none when it comes to waiting! ))) So wanna see the result and share it with everyone!!! I don't think I have mentioned it before that to present this collection I have collaborated not only with highly creative team XRayDoll which develops photos but also, with very talanted illustrator Lorena aka Balea-Raitz (from Romania, currently living in New Zealand). Here is a quick sketch she did for one of the garments from the "Transcendence" collection.
Full and completed versions (illustrations and photographs) will be about a week later. Be patient :) I know I have to be :) xoxo SheverDUSHKA


  1. The photographer is amazing- love the page! I can't wait to see the complete collection! I just emailed you the complete pdf files.

  2. Got them all;) Thank you so much, Lorena! Illustrations are amazing!!! Love the half-bodies the most! xoxo