Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New collection is finished :)

There is again a month gap between 2 posts. Well... I really do s... at regularity, don't I? ))) Anyway, last few weeks have been hectic - helping RwB with their collection for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and finishing my own collection at the same time will make you overwhelmed with work ;) Now both things are done! Yahoo!!!
Especially happy about finally finishing my new collection which was shot last Sunday :) Hurray!!! Now less then 2 weeks before it will be set free for everyone to see and react :) It's an what can be deservedly called "Haute Couture" collection as all garments are 90-100% hand made (including construction - meaning sewing!!!) as well as textiles. The collection is shaped utilising my favorite techniques - nuno-felting & shibori. Therefore, my "newly born baby" is, as planed, transeasonal womens outwear collection 2012-2013 named "Transcendence".
It's about taking inspiration from historical costume and bringing elements over into modern society, giving a wearer a chance to get a sense, a feeling, an emotional experience, which goes far beyond just materiality of the garment. An emotional experience that has traveled through the times and have been brought to give a sence of how it would be to feel like, for instance, a medieval nobel lady or a 16-17th century queen."
The shooting happend at Carrageworks in Darlington (Sydney). But final images will be digitally retouched to give them more high-end editorial look and create a better way to deliver the concept of the collection.
As always, will keep you posted, hopefully without delays ;))) xoxo SheverDUSHKA

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