Friday, June 10, 2011

My recent works_The Oracle S/S 2011-12

The Oracle S/S 2011-12 (Romance Was Born), Sydney, Australia, April-May

That was also a very exciting period, as it always is during preporation for the fashion week show.
These are images of garments I personally work on making. (Although, I participated in making some of the others at some stages (mostly patternmaking))

Dress primarily made for Art&Australia

It is Body & Skirt. I made and beaded the body ;)

Here I made the base for all the "feathers" to be attached.
The "feathers" are crochetted by Luck's mum :)

These outfits were beaded abroad but I made the hair skirt which gave me a headache backstage as I had to follow model and give the skirt a continious haircat )))

A-lister's at the show ;)
Anna & Luke(Romance Was Born) with Cate Blanchett

And just me backstage )))

There are photographs from the show

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