Sunday, February 26, 2012

New horizons

Yeeeeh, I know, I know - I should be much more regular with my posts :(((

For last couple of months I have been working on my new collection of hand-dyed and embellished men's shirts.

Yeep, that's right - shirts for men. Why not? :)) We shouldn't forget our dudes should we? ;)

I made several before for my family and friends and they proved to be quite popular. So I decided to widen my horizons and try out another direction while working on the main women's outwear collection (which is still a long way to go to be honest). Plus it is a great way to explore dyeing techniques, especially shibori ones which I intend to make one of my brand's SheverDUSHKA signature applications.

Done 12 cotton and silk shirts so far. Will be launching the collection at my etsy shop later on today and will see how it goes ;)))

Will keep you posted! I'll promise!!!!!!!!

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