Saturday, June 5, 2010

SWOP Analysis.

- Rich, exclusive textiles;
- No one else does nuno-felting and has similar theme (in my year);
- Basic, accessible fabrication used for textile designs;
- In Russia there is no big competition in felt-making;
- In Australia, in spite of wide popularity of felting, there is not so much at the "designer" level;

- To get "carried away", overdesign;
- So far, still a lack of felting skills;
- To get to "costumy";
- Position myself at competitive price level

- To make collection to "stand out" because of exclusive, specially designed textiles;
- To reintroduce felting as a top level, "designer" technique rather then a "market", "crafty" one;
- To develop unique approach to felting;
Even being put in "mass production" each piece still will be quite a one-off because of textile technique's uniqueness (especially felting & nuno-felting)

- To get "crafty" instead of designer;
- To be really innovative in textile & fashion parts;
- Public perception of felting as a market craft, so price level can be questioned;
- Time-management. Textiles are serious part of the collection, time consuming & need mostly to be made by me personally.

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