Sunday, May 16, 2010

SheverDUSHKA's Personal Profile (2010)

"Rich ethnic background mixed with life experience reflected through created designs, absolute devotion and boundless passion and love for painstaking crafted work and bringing out the best in people is what makes SheverDUSHKA a unique and charming brand.

She believes that there are too many “merged with the crowd” people and dedicates her designs to individuals who prefer to stand out openly and proudly, who is not afraid of changes or scared of the unpredictability of life. She also is assured of that each and every one of us wears “theatrical costumes” suitable for roles one performs at particular time of one’s life no matter how “neutral” these “costumes” may look. So, SheverDUSHKA creates “costumes” for those of us who wishes to emphasize one’s uniqueness and express one’s free spirit rather then just to follow what “the majority” does or wears. According to her, the world of fashion is too preoccupied with mass-production and faceless designs intended to “please” everyone and she hopes to add at least a fraction of balance into such a misbalanced world through her exclusive textiles and designs.

Her designs display intricate work and are complicated with layers of visual meanings aiming through its complexity stimulate one’s ability to think and understand essence behind the surface. Her designs show mix between traditional textile methods and new technological techniques, the bridge between past and future. The techniques utilised by SheverDUSHKA such as hand-felting, minute beading, hand-embroidery, to name a few, make each piece a one-off, even, if there more then one item per each design reproduced. Such crafty approach makes wearer feel special, attended and loved. It also makes it more difficult for her designs to be copied, so, her customers do not risk being “mirrored”. Through her designs one becomes a queen of her own realm rather then a faceless screw of a massive institution. They give one a great chance to get sometimes lost in escapism because we all are, unfortunately, the elements of this massive institution called society.

Another distinguishing point of SheverDUSHKA, apart crafty personal approach, are her exclusive textiles which are also designed by her for each collection and strategically applied to each piece and can not be seen anywhere else. Besides that the amount of pieces reproduced per each design are strictly limited which justifies the price level and guarantees to customer one’s uniqueness being preserved.

In order to make her creativity available to a broader public SheverDUSHKA intends to participate in 3 significant fashion design completions: locally, by entering The Australian Wool Fashion Award and exposing her designs to the rest of the world by applying to International Talent Support / International Fashion Award in Italy and International Design Award in Los-Angeles. Although there can be some hidden stones for her to be able to compete with other participants such as risk of her designs looking a bit to “crafty” rather then “designer”; appearing slightly to complicated on the wave of the global love for simplicity. In case with international contests, the difficulties can raise from remoteness of Australia, in regards of the influence this country has had over her over recent 3 years and that she could loose the touch with other continents tendencies and trends. Although, on the other hand, that can be a point of difference, a sip of freshness that judges look for."

P.S.: BTW, SheverDUSHKA is not the name of my future label but is my personal brand name.

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